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Meditazione, formazione, crescita personale, costellazioni familiari e aziendali

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Meditation, personal and professional development, family constellations Hellinger®

As a meditation, communication, and personal growth teacher, my role is that of helping individuals reach their fullest creative and expressive potential, as well as their psychological and physical integrity. I offer both individual counselling and group sessions.

For over twenty years I have been delivering lectures, courses, and conferences around Italy surrounding the main subjects of Meditation, Feminine Power, Communication between Men and Women, Mother-Daughter Relations, Emotional Intelligence, and Couples Dynamics. I have also been teaching Communication and Emotional Intelligence classes in schools.

I am a published author, having written “Aiuto, ho le mie cose- diventare donna non è poi così male” with Laura Brugnoli (2014, Macroedizioni), “Rinascere in ogni istante: meditazioni guidate per rinnovare la tua vita” book and guided meditations cd (2016, Om edizioni), and “Le Radici della Vita: meditazioni guidate basate sui principi delle costellazioni familiari”, book and guided meditations cd (2018, Om edizioni).

Since 1999, I have been collaborating with the Gender Equality commissions for Bolzano and Trento’s Provinces, as well as several other public and private institutions, offering both training and supervision. Between 2018 and 2021 I oversaw Bolzano P.A.’s “Progetto Alba”.

I frequently write for the health and wellness section of Gruppomacro’s blog, and work as a consultant and translator for different publishing companies.

From a very young age, the focuses of my life’s studies have been on inner research, the understanding of individual and inter-relational emotional dynamics, and the creative power of mind and spirit.

For over thirty years I have been practising different meditation techniques, mental dynamics, and yoga; my first and fundamental studies have taken place beginning in 1988 at Ron Young’s School of Healing Wisdom, where I have studied and worked as Ron’s personal assistant between Italy and the United States. During this twelve- year personal and professional immersion, I have received theorical and practical education in the yogic non-dual tradition of Advaita Vedānta, specifically in the subjects of meditation, self-inquiry, Indovedic teachings of psychology and spirituality, energetic awareness of the chakra system and principles of spiritual healing. I have also studied with Cypriot philosopher Stylianos Atteshlis, Ph.D., (known as Daskalos), whose lecture in Florence I translated in the spring of ‘94.

Since 2013, I am a certified Seminar leader for Familylab® – a renowned international organisation for the development of family therapist Jesper Juul’s values of equal dignity, authenticity, integrity and personal responsibility within families, schools, enterprises, and society. My work reflects the organisation’s goal of providing new educational and communicational solutions to all kinds of families.

Between 2013 and 2019 I attended The Hellinger School® of family and system constellation, completing my training and furthering my studies with a year-long specialisation course in the application of constellation work to Business Management. Following the completion of these studies, I have funded Kairòs-Soluzioni per il Successo alongside Umberto Zizzola and Annamaria Delgrosso, through which we provide business-related consultancies. If you’re interested in this particular area of my work, you can find more information on the dedicated webpage (in Italian) or contact me directly.

As a woman, I am particularly passionate about honouring femininity, with the aim of reestablishing women’s self-respect and general perceptions towards this fundamental and undeniable aspect of all individuals which, if not cultivated and elevated to its rightful role, leaves all genders – indiscriminately – lacking and incomplete.

Nonetheless, my aims and views never imply any rivalry nor antagonisation of masculinity, but rather strive to achieve integration and harmony between these two equally valuable aspects of the self. The focus of my work is then the search for a creative and functional balance between these principles within individuals, relations, and society at large.


Principles and guided meditation on the heart space, Anāhata chakra.

Guided meditation on the power of the heart.

Spiritual principles and guided meditation applied to relationships.

Guided meditation.


My primary office is in Bolzano, via Valdagno 6b (Italy). I also work in Parma every 5-6 weeks.

I am also available for online sessions, usually conducted through Zoom.
Individual sessions generally amount to one hour and cost 80€ in person and 70€ online.

For more information and to book appointments, you can contact me at +39 338-8010886 or
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